What is a kinesiologist ?


A little definition….

The word kinesiology comes from the Greek words “kinesis” which means movement and “logia”, which means science, study. Kinesiology is therefore the science of movement.

The kinesiologist is a health professional specialized in physical activity and uses movement for prevention, treatment and performance.

What are the main differences with a personal trainer ?

The training

The personal trainer is certified by a private institution while the kinesiologist has at least a university bachelor’s degree in kinesiology.

The type of clients

The personal trainer can take care of people who do not have any particular pathologies. He has the skills to deal with people with goals such as weight loss, muscle hypertrophy or cardiovascular training.

The kinesiologist can work with more varied clients (adults, children, seniors, among others) or who may have specific conditions : diabetes, hypertension, physical disability, recovery after an injury, etc.