How it works



      How does UP CORE work ?

      Up Core is the easiest way to find a fitness professional close to you ! From your postal code, select the activity and the professional of your choice. Verify the available time for your first session on the calendar and book. Chat with your trainer and get started !

      Is there a minimum age to use UP CORE ?

      You must be at least 18 years old for Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and 19 years old for British Columbia.

      When my trainer will contact me once my sessions have been booked ?

      Once the payment process is completed, your request will be sent to the professional you have chosen. You will receive a response within 24 hours if your coach has accepted or refused your request. You must book at least 24 hours before the chosen time of your training.

      Do I have a personal profile ?

      Absolutely ! Once you have booked your sessions, you will have access to your own profile with your email to discuss with your trainer, your workouts schedule, your invoices and your personal informations.

      How many sessions can I choose ?

      You have the choice between 3 packages : 6, 8 and 12 sessions.

      What is the price of the training packages ?

      The price of the packages depends on the hourly rate of the profesional you have chosen. This amount is indicated on their profiles. During your booking process, UP CORE will tell you the total price of your package. You will not be charged before booking.

      Where do the sessions take place ?

      Your session can be at your home, in your condo’s training room, outdoors or in your professional’s training studio if he or she has one. It’s up to you !

      Can I work out in a gym with the professional I have chosen ?

      Some of our professionals have access to fitness centers or have their own training studios. If you click here, you will have this information.

      Do I have to provide the training equipment ?

      No. If required, your trainer will provide the equipment for your session.

      Can I book training if I am injured ?

      If you are recovering from a health problem or injury, we advise you not to book training sessions. When you register, you will receive a physical activity fitness questionnaire. This document will be sent to the professional you have selected at the time of your purchase.

      Can I contact the trainer before booking the sessions ?

      Unfortunately not for security reasons. Once your reservation has been made, your fitness professional will send you a message that you will receive on your personal profile to confirm your sessions.

      Can I cancel my package and be refund ?

      Yes, before the sessions start, you can cancel your package and receive a full refund within 10 days. If you have already had sessions, we will refund you for any unused trainings within 10 days of the cancellation date.

      Can I change my trainer ?

      Of course ! If your trainer does not give you full satisfaction after your first session, you will have the possibility to change 2 times maximum the number of trainers and to transfer your remaining sessions to your new health professional. Please contact us to make this change.

      Why should I book online instead of paying my trainer directly ?

      Booking and paying for your training sessions online has the following advantages :

      • Security : we use the Stripe secure payment system and the profile of each coach is verified.
      • Flexible : Training sessions are fully transferable and can be used with any other trainer (maximum 2) on our site. Sessions booked on our site are also protected by our cancellation policy.
      • Ease : you have access to your email, invoices and training calendar in your personal space.
      • All our health professionals have agreed to use our platform for reservations and payments. If someone ask you on the UP CORE website to pay off-site or through another company, please contact us immediately.
      How do I pay for my sessions ?

      You can pay for your training by VISA or Master Card credit card.

      Can I cancel a session and reschedule it ?

      Yes, you can cancel your session 24 hours minimum before the initial time, after this time, the session is considered due. You can agree with your trainer on the new date and time.

      Can I book sessions with a friend(s) ?

      Unfortunately no, the training booking is individual.

      I can’t access my profile ?

      Please contact our customer service at, we will be happy to help you.

      What are the qualifications of the fitness professionals on UP CORE ?

      Our trainer are certified in personal training and/or group classes, kinesiologists have a university degree. A background check is also conducted.


      What are the requirements to work with UP CORE ?

      You must be at least 18 years old for Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and 19 years old for British Columbia. As a kinesiologist, you must have a university degree in kinesiology. As a personal trainer, you must hold an up-to-date personal training certification and a group course certification if you have one. As part of our approval process, we will verify your information and background.

      Is there a fee to register and have a profile ?

      Registration is totally free ! There are no monthly or annual fees either. Our goal at Up-Core is to give you visibility so you can offer the best training experience possible !

      How can I create my profile ?

      You must complete the form here and provide a photo, a copy of your certification or diploma. Within a maximum of 2 business days, you will receive an email confirming that you are now registered at UP CORE !

      What type of photo do I need for my profile ?

      It must be clear, decent and you must not wear a tank top or bra.

      Will I have my personal profile ?

      Absolutely ! Your personal profile will allow you to access to your personal information, your training schedule, your deposits and a messaging system to chat with your customers.

      How do I know about my new bookings ?

      This is indicated on your calendar in your profile, you will also receive an email notification of new booked sessions. You will then have 24 hours to confirm or refuse the schedule requested by your customer by notifying him/her via our messaging service..

      Can I cancel or change a scheduled session ?

      Yes, you can make this change in the calendar of your profile at least 24 hours before the initial schedule. Please also contact your client to inform him/her and agree on the new day and time of training.

      How do I get paid ?

      Once your customers have made their reservations, you will receive your payment every 2 weeks by Interac transfer.

      I have not received my payment, what can I do ?

      Please contact our customer service at We will do our best to help you.